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LJ community for sharing and discussing guitar tablature.

Tablature is a type of sheet-music for guitar/bass (and also drums) that is very simple to read and understand, even without knowledge of standard music notation.

A beginner's explanation of tab can be found here: http://www.cyberfret.com/reading/internet-tab/

Need a quality freeware tab editor? The best and most feature-filled one out there is PowerTab. It is not crippled in any way.

If you would like to post tab, please use the HTML tag <PRE>. That will preserve your formatting. Otherwise, your tab might end up unreadable.


Guitar tab goes here.

Some minor rules:

1] Please don't harass/insult other members, especially about their skills (or lack of) in playing guitar, or their taste in music.
2] Anyone is welcome to join, and tabs of all kinds may be posted regardless of their simplicity or complexity. Green Day, Joe Satriani, it's all good ;D
3] Please don't post song lyrics unless they are accompanied by tablature.
4] If you believe someone's posted tab is incorrect, you may comment and let them know (politely, please). Even better, post your correction(s).

New rules:

5] Regarding community ads, you may advertise your music-related community here once only. Any subsequent posts which are merely ads for your community will be deleted.
6] Tag your posts with the artist names only, not the songs. If the artist name has a "The" in their name, then include it (eg - The Clash). If you forget to tag your post, it's not a huge deal. But it makes extra work for myself since I will need to fix your post manually.
7] When you request a tab for a difficult-to-find song, please consider uploading it for us to a web filesharing host such as sendspace.com. Your chances of getting a response are much better if members don't need to spend time searching for the song themselves. :)

Disclaimer: This is NOT a file-sharing community. Downloading of music posted in this manner should only be used for research purposes. Same goes for the transcriptions themselves.